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The Story of the Wrench



           Every invention was first just an idea - someone's good idea. That's how they  ALL begin.   A sudden inspiration, or a well-thought-out solution, all those good ideas somehow got turned into something useful.  Of course, not every good idea becomes an actual invention. And in fact,  many of the good ones don't even get off the drawing board. But every  invention that does get off that drawing board, has an interesting story  behind it. 

          The story of the Drummer's Wing Nut Wrench, begins in the 1980’s out of sheer necessity.   My name is Doug Berglund, and this is the story of the wrench.

           As a drummer, playing 4-6 nights a week for months on end, I was  frustrated with the time and effort it took to make sure all the bolts on my kit were securely tightened. There is nothing worse than a cymbal  stand, cowbell, or tom-tom shifting (or worse: falling) in the middle of  a show.  And then once I’d get them all on tight enough to withstand  the pounding, it would take forever to get them un-tightened, pulled  apart, and eventually packed up again. 

           I looked everywhere and asked around, but nobody was selling a wrench  that could firmly clamp down on both wings of a wing nut. Pliers can't  do it, and using 2 drumsticks (you know what I'm talking about) just  doesn't cut it. It's gripping BOTH wings at the same time that makes it a  solid grip. Everyone I talked to seemed certain that they had seen one  before, but no one knew where.  And no one could find one in their tool  box or kitchen "junk drawer" at home.  

            So I tried making my own wrench. After numerous drilling attempts, and  close calls with an acetylene torch, I finally came up with a workable tool that could tighten and loosen bolts with certainty. The idea I had in my head, was now was a tool in my hand. Crude, but  effective.

          Fast forward to 2013  when I saw a news report on 3D printing. I was amazed at the things  those printers could do. To my surprise, I found out that the High  School I teach at (you gotta have a steady gig) had a 3D printer in its  Industrial Ed. department.  I found a student who could draw up and write out the wrench in digital format. We printed out some plastic  prototypes (very cool), and the two of us presented the idea to a team  of international patent lawyers. 

           But the question remained: how do we actually produce the wrench? It had  to be functional, durable, and reasonably priced. AND made in America!  After asking around, one of the guitar players in my band suggested I  enlist the talents of The Guitar Factory's Marty Schulte, a brilliant  aluminum guitar designer and builder from northern Minnesota.  Marty's  skills were just what we needed. So from there we began CNC manufacturing  the Drummer's Wing Nut Wrench out of lightweight aircraft aluminum. I  gave out a few to some drummer friends to test (each one certain they  had seen one before – yet none could say where) and the response was  remarkable. That feedback was the impetus to jump-start Crabby Tools  into action. The next summer we started manufacturing in earnest, and  the rest is history. 

         Today, this tool in my hand can now be a tool in everyone’s toolbox. The Drummer's Wing Nut Wrench  is the perfect multi-purpose tool. Check it out. It also works great  with ceiling hooks, eye-bolts, thumb screws and every fastener imaginable. It will make your life easier.

           Seriously, this is an incredibly useful tool. And for the price of 2  pizzas or dry cleaning a comforter, we are proud to offer it to drummers  and tool lovers all over the world. Last year I bought a pipe cutter to replace the water line for my fridge: $10.00! I used it once and I will  never use it again. But you will use this wrench over and over again.  After years of road-testing, experimental 3D printing, and  state-of-the-art CNC machining, this wrench has been updated, upgraded,  modernized, and improved.  It's the perfect wrench for you. It's the  perfect gift for the tool-lover, or drummer in your life. What? You don't know any drummers? Check out the Crabby Monkey FaceT-Shirts

Wear one of these, and you're bound to meet drummers. 

Enjoy the wrench.  Play with confidence! 

             Doug Berglund