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From the Inventor

My name is Doug Berglund and I invented the Drummer's Wing Nut Wrench over 30 years ago.

     I’ve been playing drums my entire life.  Pots & pans at 3 years  old, wooden snare by 10. I played in multiple HS school and garage bands  during my teens. It was all I did in my twenties; much of what I did in  my thirties; and a lot of what I still do today. Although, nowadays I  play mostly for the fun of it. My main job these days is teaching HS  & college economics.  To be sure, it was never my dream to become an  economics teacher - and yes, I do love teaching.  But I’m a drummer at  heart, and I still think about drumming all the time (Although, I have  since learned to NOT drive the family nuts at the dinner table by  banging out Ginger Baker licks in between bites).

     It was also never my dream to sell wrenches. But, I always knew that I  wanted to create something positive, and leave it to the world.  I  always hoped my contribution would be musical, like one of my songs, or  a cool drum beat.  But as fate would  have it, THIS WRENCH has become my contribution to the world (so far),  and to drummers everywhere.  True, inventing and selling an amazing  wrench is a twist of fate I would never have predicted 30 years ago. But  here we are. It's a great wrench, and I believe in it, 100%. I use it  all the time. Try it, you will, too!

     We drummers gotta stick together (necessary, but often overlooked). And  yet we still get plenty of grief (playful, no doubt) from club owners  and band mates because it takes us so long to set up, and even longer to  tear down. Well, this wrench will cut down on both set-up and  tear-down times.  

     And timing is... everything!

     So, please know that someone is looking out for you: Crabby Tools. Enjoy the wrench.

Play with confidence.
  Doug Berglund



 1960's - Performing at the ND Capitol 

          in Bismarck, ND.  



 1970's - Upper Midwest college and club circuit. 



 1980’s – State fairs and being the “Opening act.” Shootin' for the stars. 



 1990’s – Back to street dances and gin joints.           Just having fun! 



 2000’s – Clownin’ with my garage band, “Surrender Dorothy!” 



 2010's – Poundin’ for a cause! 



 2012 - Induction into the ND Rock & Country Hall of Fame with               

"The Newz!" 



 2015 - Still wakin' up the neighbors!